Haggadot of Lena Allen Shore

This collection of Haggadot are from the Lena Allen Shore Collection. Published from the 1950s to the 2010s, many are from small local businesses in New York City and feaure artists such as Mark Podwal, Siegmund Forst, Saadyah Maximon, and Ben Shahn. This collection also includes items from the Diskin Orphan Home of the Israel, established in 1881 by Yehoshua Leib Diskin.

A sample of these Haggadot, listed on the right, are ones we feel are beautifully illustrated and showcase the varied and expressive ways artists and poets have framed the story of Passover and accompanying prayers. The full collection may be found in the Haggadot of Lena Allen Shore and by clicking Browse Items.

The digital images here a sample pages from the original publication, scanned under the fair use doctrine of the US copyright law.


Timothy Bostic, Andrew Pollak, Donna Guerin, David Cook-Burke